Our performances are devoted to providing something new for both audience and performer. Each live presentation of our creative efforts is a chance for participants to express their ideas, and show the skills that they have developed at the Yellow House. We are constantly striving to make art that is truly meaningful and transformative

Outreach Workshops

Yellow House has provided workshops all over the world, tailoring to any age range, nationality, or ability level. Since the 80s we have supported schools, theatre companies, and fellow youth organizations exploring a variety of issues and develop the confidence to discuss, explore and create.

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Youth Exchange

Yellow House coordinated many International Youth Exchanges giving young people an opportunity to meet and work with their peers from other countries.  Through cultural activities, we often explore ways of breaking down social barriers and stereotypes to form a better understanding of current issues across the globe

Training Courses

Many of the young people, who are unsure about their future and interests, have been introduced to a variety of different training courses that take place locally, nationally and internationally. These are designed to give youth workers – and those interested in becoming youth workers – invaluable experience and a change in perspective

Individual Projects

Using the skills learnt throughout our workshops we encourage young people to begin their own projects. This is a great way to learn entrepreneurial skills and to gain valuable experience and a sense of responsibility


Yellow House is part of many Networking Organisations giving us the opportunity to share our experiences and learn more from others. These partners organisations include Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, S, LTO, NAFASI and  Anna Lindh Foundation.

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